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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.12 released

[*] 28 Jan 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148883): Updated the selector of payment gateways per country on the 'Main page :: Payment methods' page. Removed the 'PayByCheck - XML' payment gateway.[*] 14 Jan 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148882): On some servers buffer output disallowed to print the .(dot) during log operations. Fixed. Thanks to Pino.[*] 03 Jan 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148881): The warning related to updated for PHP7.2.x.
[!] 03 Oct 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148865): Firefox was caching order statuses in the Admin area.

[!] 14 Jun 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148837): Wrong sort order for first states / counties like Alabama in Chrome. Fixed.
*CART*[*] 23 Sep 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148862, B:0050990): If a product cannot be updated in the cart due to low stock, a warning is now shown.

[*] 10 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:14888: [Sage Pay Go - Form protocol] phpseclib updated 2.0.18 - 2.0.25[*] 03 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148824): Updated the signup links for Sage Pay.
[!] 06 Feb 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148887): PayPal. Website Payments Pro Hosted. There was a random cancelled request right after a successful payment on some occasions. Fixed. Thanks to Pinakin Patel. (Zone1 Creative Ltd).
[!] 06 Jun 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148830): 'Registration cancel reversal record for PayPal transaction'. PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function func_change_order_status() in include/func/func.paypal.php related to func_paypal_reg_reversal function. Fixed.

[*] 12 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148884): USPS update. Code added to prevent 'All Dimensions Must Be Greater Than 0' error. Renamed 'Macedonia, Republic of'.[*] 11 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148889): Australia Post updates. Values for pre-paid satchels will no longer reference weight and will now reference size. 9674845e9e375499d555...5a4cb721756141 [APOST]

[!] 08 Oct 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148634, B:0051076): Anonymous registration on checkout did not work in Safari/Firefox as autocomplete="off" did not work for the related hidden username field. Fixed.

*Advanced Customer Reviews*
[!] 17 Feb 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148891, B:0051489): [Advanced Customer Reviews] Sql errors like "Duplicate entry '1-1533744000-18290-1257' for key 'func_acr_get_reviews_menu1orderby'". Fixed. [Advanced_Customer_Reviews]
*Amazon Feeds*
[*] 06 Sep 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:14885: [Amazon Feeds] Added the ability to use Singapore, Netherlands, Egypt, Saudi Arabia regions. [Amazon_Feeds]
[*] 28 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148839): [Amazon Feeds] WirelessLockedPhone categories added. [Amazon_Feeds]
*AvaTax*[*] 20 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148816, B:0050625): [AvaTax] Products tax exempt property was ignored. Fixed. SDK updated from version to .
*Facebook E-Commerce*
[!] 19 Sep 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148849): [Facebook E-Commerce] Facebook Pixel Id did not work without product's microdata. Fixed. Wrong currency for ViewContent/cartChanged/Purchase when XMultiCurrency was used. Fixed. [Facebook_Ecommerce]
*Google Ads by Kliken* [*] 06 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:14883: [Google Ads Kliken] Google Ads by Kliken integration added. The automated Google Shopping solution to get your products found on Google and grow your X-Cart Store. [Google_Ads_Kliken]
*Google Shopping*
[!] 29 Dec 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148880, B:005131: [Google Shopping] export issue in cron mode. The files like froogle_en.txt were not deleted before renewal. Fixed. [Froogle]
*Klarna Payments*
[!] 05 Jul 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148841): [Klarna Payments ] White srcreen related to the error 'Call to undefined function func_get_anonymous_userinfo() in modules/Klarna_Payments/postinit.php'. Fixed. [Klarna_Payments]
*One Page Checkout* and *Discount Coupons*
[!] 10 Jul 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148843, B:0050853): [One Page Checkout, Discount Coupons ] Shipping section was not updated on the coupon application. Fixed. [One_Page_Checkout,Discount_Coupons]
*Product Notifications*[*] 04 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148822, B:0050560): [Product Notifications] A new selector added: "Show the 'Low stock' notification sign up buttons/forms for the products whose current quantity in stock is smaller/greater than the value defined by the field above". [Product_Notifications][*] 04 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148822, B:0050609): [Product Notifications] The option 'Minimal product available amount for low-stock notifications' renamed to 'Product quantity that should trigger the sending of low stock notifications'. Thanks to Anna Verbichenko. [Product_Notifications]
[*] 10 May 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148820, B:0050642): [Product Notifications] Sent low stock notification when the product stock is equal or less than 'Minimal product available amount for low-stock notifications ' setting. [Product_Notifications]
*Recommended Products*[*] 08 Jul 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148842): [Recommended Products] More random products are now shown in the 'Customers also bought' section. [Recommended_Products]
*Rich Google Search Results*
[!] 20 Feb 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148896, B:0051401): Rich google search breadcrumbs value deprecated. [Rich_Google_Search_Results]
*Social Feeds*[*] 31 Jan 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148885): Social Feeds integration added. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube feeds. [Social_Feeds]
*TaxJar* [*] 05 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:14887: TaxJar integration added. TaxJar makes eCommerce easier for everyone by helping merchants spend time on their business, and not sales tax. [TaxJar]
*Two-Factor Authentication*[*] 10 Feb 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148886): Two-Factor Authentication module added. Two factor authentication using Authy service. [TwoFactorAuth]
*Upselling Products*[*] 06 Jun 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148832, B:0050659): A new setting added: 'Show hidden products in "Related products" list' [Upselling_Products]
*X-MultiCurrency*[*] 16 Sep 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148840): [XMultiCurrency] API changed to V7. [MultiCurrency]

[*] 10 Mar 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:14889: memcache worked incorrectly when multiple stores were using the same URL. Fixed.[*] 16 Oct 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148870): Small optimization related to custom smarty functions. Custom classes are loaded on actual call only.[*] 08 Aug 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148844, B:0050909): Huge speed up of 'Force cache generation' for stores with a lot of categories.[*] 22 May 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148825, B:0050619): [Image Verification] Optimization for the [Image_Verification] module.

[!] 14 Jun 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148835): Possible SQL injection. Fixed.

[*] 11 Mar 2020, aim - Improvement (Y:148812): The minimum supported PHP version is now 5.4.0.[*] 16 Dec 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148879): Event handling. The previous result of a handler is now passed to the next handler.[*] 22 May 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148826): Product tabs did not work in Firefox 66-67 in some cases. Fixed.[*] 08 May 2019, aim - Improvement (Y:148810): CSS & JavaScript minifier (matthiasmullie/minify) updated to 1.3.63 version.
[!] 20 Feb 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148895, B:0051490): Error related to Rich google search missing field 'itemReviewed'. Multiple warnings. Fixed. [Rich_Google_Search_Results][Advanced_Customer_Reviews]
[!] 10 Feb 2020, aim - Bug (Y:148847): PHP 7.4 was not supported. Fixed. [PHP 74 compatible]
[!] 01 Nov 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148866): [GDPR-friendly addon] Jumping submit button on the 'Create Profile' page. Fixed. Major. Since jQuery 3.3.0, position() started using the native offsetParent property which started the respected table, th, and td as offset parents. offset() is replacement for these cases skin/common_files/lib/jqueryui/components/effects/effect-shake.min.js
[!] 08 Oct 2019, aim - Bug (Y:148869): MySQL8.0.17 [MySQL 8017 compatible] minor bugfix. Deprecation. int(11) is not used now to avoid the Warning (Code 1681): Integer display width is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
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