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Default Relocating the main menu

I have been doing a little experimenting and so far this is defeating me. I have created a new skin and disabled the XCN skin. Simple enough. The next step I used was to create an abstract class, essentialy the same as the original main menu class.

The original is located at View/Menu/Customer/Top.php

My version is located at Modules/ADev/ASkin/View/Menu/Customer/Top.php

My version is different only in the fact I have reduced the weight so as it will sit at the top of the page rather than at the foot of the header div. Also I am calling a differently named template adev_top_menu.tpl

I have then created the above template in skins/ADEV/en/adev_top_menu.tpl

Rebuilding the cache does not achieve the result I was expecting. I now have my main menu at the top but I also have the original in the same place. It uses the same newly called template as the new menu but it uses the weight from the original class. The DocBlock defining the menu weight is outside the class definition so I expect that.

Obviously I am missing something here. I guess I could override all the template weights to acheive the expected result but that defeats the object of what I was trying.

Any pointers in the right direction please xplorer?
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