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Default Re: Head Template Logo Change

Originally Posted by SiamContainer
Hey guys,
Sorry, have to come back to the same problem of enlarging logo again.

On the main page and product page, everything is fine. (Pix 01)
However, my larger logo is blocking some info on "Cart" and "Checkout" page. (Pix 02 - 03)

I guess editing main.css and moving yellow bar will not effect "Cart" and "Checkout" page.

Which file to fix???

Thanks again.

Finally found it..... Took me 2 days....

Found it in /www/skin1/main.css
(don't know why it is not in skin1/modules/Fast_Lane_Checkout like other said)

Look for
fast lane checkout module

Fix this one

.flc-container #content-container {
margin-top: 150px;
Total noob to X-Cart Pro 4.3
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