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Default reCAPTCHA for X-Cart Classic

Helps prevent bot activity on...
  1. Register account form (register.php)
  2. Login form and login​ popup form (login.php)
  3. Password recovery form (help.php?section=Password_Recovery)
  4. Customer reviews form (product pages, basic and advanced modules)
  5. Send to friend form (product pages)
  6. Contact us form (help.php?section=contactus&mode=update)
  7. Newsletter subscribe form (news.php)
  8. Ask a question about this product popup form (popup_ask.php)
  9. Provider account register form (provider/register.php) [NEW, OPTIONAL]
  10. Affiliate account register form (partner/register.php) [NEW, OPTIONAL]
* Bonus additional simple honeypot option for the customer register account form [NEW, OPTIONAL]
* Bonus additional simple honeypot option for the contact us form [NEW, OPTIONAL]
  • Free service from Google, which includes daily pass and fail stats
  • Light or dark theme for the captcha block
  • Align the captcha block left, center or right
  • Multi-language capable
  • v4.6.x - v4.7.x
  • Easy to install - if you would like us to install it for you, (v4.6.x + only), click here

Support -

More Info



9th Dec 2019 - Additional simple honeypots for the customer registration and contact us forms.

10th Apr 2019 - Option to add to Provider and Affiliate registration forms, CSS updated to downsize the reCAPTCHA box on mobiles, new loading spinners, langs.txt file added
29th Mar 2019 - modules/reCAPTCHA/recaptchalib.php updated again to prevent PHP warning again. Thanks to Paul. install.txt tidied up a little.
28th Feb 2019 - Only modules/reCAPTCHA/recaptchalib.php updated to prevent PHP warning from occurring.
28th Jan 2019 - Update, login popup improved, added to 'ask a question about this product' popup, tested with v4.7.10.
11th Nov 2017 - Update, additional module settings to enable / disable reCAPTCHAs (see below), now works in login popup, v4.4.x - v4.5.x patch included.
10th Oct 2017 - New version, allows for multiple reCAPTCHAs on same page, customer reviews (basic and advanced modules), password recovery page, newsletter subscription page supported
29th Jul 2017 - Now works with login.php
4th Apr 2017 - CURL version if 'file_get_contents' is disabled, also included (thanks to Nathaniël)
7th Mar 2017 - Now works with 'Send to Friend' form
20th Feb 2017 - Fix
7th Feb 2017 - Initial Release

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