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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder module released

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I understand, but in Europe, it is illegal to show customers non-VAT prices, since they HAVE to pay VAT. It is considered illegal advertising to show non-VAT prices, since it is not an option to purchase items without VAT, and since VAT is always the same in the entire country, there is no reason not to show VAT in the prices.

The abandoned cart module could very simply take the chosen country and see whether the prices should be including VAT or excluding VAT, just as how they are displayed on the website, but for some unknown reason it doesn't.
I just finished the upgrade to 4.7.12, but the Abandoned Cart Reminder still shows ex-VAT prices in emails. The patch from above is included in the 4.7.12 upgrade, but apparently prices are still shown without VAT in the email, is that correct?
X-Cart 4.7.12
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