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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder module released

I am fascinated by abandoned cart emails however I'm also terrified that these emails will scare away my best customers.

Amazon sends abandoned cart emails to me every now and then, but not for every item that I abandon and not all the time. I have not been able to figure out Amazon's formula for sending the abandoned cart emails.

Obviously if we do not have the customer's email address then this is not going to work. But if a customer logs out does the cookie still tell the cart who the customer is? I already have the remember abandoned carts mod from Website CM and I have WCM's remember me mod. I wonder how the WebsiteCM remember anon carts mod will interact with this new mod? Jon?

I am also doing remarketing with AdWords, and that is already creepy to some customers. "How do ads for xxxxxx show up when i'm reading websites unrelated to your company or products? And your ads follow me around!??? How do you know what sites to advertise on so they always appear wherever I am surfing?" -- I received this email from a good customer! I need to exclude customers with recent conversions from the remarketing list!

The language that is used for this is CRUCIAL to working as intended vs. destroying goodwill. I am not sure this is right for my customers.

I know some merchants want this mod, but I really would like to see real-world success stories -- many marketing bloggers say DO NOT DO THIS. I'm on the fence.
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