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Default Re: Considering X-Cart

Hi Arthernan,

Thank you for taking interest in our software and welcome aboard!

> Our approach has been for some time not to have any database libraries
> installed in our DMZ, but instead the web server sends requests to a
> middle tier in our network. That middle tier in turn connects to the
> database and makes the neccesary updates and queries. So the database
> library is installed only in the server where the middle tier resides.

X-Cart stores all its data in a MySQL database. Generally speaking X-Cart sends requests to do something with its database to MySQL server.
At the same time MySQL server can be located naturally anywhere taking in
account a server that runs X-Cart can access it via network connections.

Thus you can place MySQL server somewhere in an internal part of your network, protect it by firewall that allows connections only from X-Cart web-server.

If you would like to have some middleware software that performs all database operations instead of X-Cart (i.e. X-Cart "asks" the middleware to do a database operation instead of sending such request to the MySQL server directly) you will need to customize X-Cart as it was designed to operate with MySQL server directly. I am not sure about cost of such customization but I do not think it will be low.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Sincerely yours,
Alex Mulin
VP of Business Development for X-Cart
X-Payments product manager
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