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Default Re: v4 roadmap and upgrade to v5

Originally Posted by xim
If you decide to switch from X-Cart Gold or Gold Plus to X-Cart Business and are ready to transfer the site yourself, we have a ready solution – the Data Migration Wizard - With this migration tool, you can transfer the following data types:

- Configuration settings (company info, general settings, contact us, SEO-friendly URLs)
- Content (static pages, speed bar)
- Products (general info, images, SEO-friendly URLs, bestsellers, market price, product options and variants, wholesale prices, etc.)
- Categories (general info, images, SEO-friendly URLs)
- Users (as is)
- Memberships (as is)
- Zones (as is)
- Payment settings (for the popular payment methods)
- Shipping settings (user defined and real time)
- Orders (as is)

You should clarify - stock XC4. The migration will not touch anything custom, CDSEO urls, 3rd party modules. Only whatever comes stock with XC4 and some of the XC own modules.

@elmirage001 / @ITVV
Unfortunately XC4 is dead. The process started with the release of XC5. QT needs to focus on one product only if they want that product to succeed. And this is XC5. And they want every new sale to be on XC5 so the platform can grow.

There is no surprise here.

It's like everyone was so sad MS "abandoned" Window XP and then 7 since no one seemed to like Win 10... But they need to do what needs to be done to bring the new platform mainstream.

And honestly with so much push for XC5 and aslmost every dev walked out of XC like years ago there is just no room for further development on XC4
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