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Default Re: v4 roadmap and upgrade to v5

Originally Posted by ITVV
@elmirage001 - Hi Paul, we are exactly like you, 12 years with x-cart 4, heavily modified and using PhilJ's excellent reBoot skin

It's a great platform and should never be allowed to disappear. It's great that support for x-cart 4 will continue.

Like you a move to x-cart 5 would mean losing the ability to "tweak" stuff when we want to do something quick and dirty!

I am just a little surprised that x-cart licenses can no longer be purchased If support is continuing then why not carry on selling the platform

I have a couple of new projects later in the year that I want to use x-cart 4 on. Just seems a bit of an odd business decision to me

Kind regards to all


You bring up an excellent point. Maybe they can make an exception for Old Timers like us
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