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Default Re: Checkbox "I read privacy policy"

Originally Posted by dagdag
Hello, I want to add a checkbox in checkout page for privacy policy and also the link to the policy page, how can I do?
As per @qualiteam's answer, you can do this via your own custom module.

If it helps, we ourselves do this, but in a slightly different way than you have described (we wanted minimum clicks for customers) It's very similar really. Within our custom module, we use this file: /skins/*custom_module_name*/customer/checkout/steps/review/parts/place_order.agree_note.twig

Which overwrites the original file in the standard skin.

The modified content is this:

{## # Checkout : order review step : selected state : place order : agree note # # @ListChild (list="", weight="500") #} <p class="agree-note">{{ t('Clicking the "Place order" button, means you accept our <a href="/privacy.html">Privacy</a> policy and our <a href="/terms-and-conditions.html">Terms & Conditions', {'URL': this.getTermsURL()})|raw }}</p>

The resultant visual presentation is quite clear and says all that's needed we think anyway.

Some may argue that only a specific tick box (as you have described) is 100% compliant, but we're happy as we are.
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