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Default Re: How safe is "Remove Data" Tool in 4.1.9?

Response from my host:

OPEN "Hello,

Thank you for contacting Liquidweb. I'd be happy to address what your shopping cart specialist stated.

Per Liquidweb's terms of service, backups are a customer's responsibility. We are able to assist in setup, but it must be requested.

Having your disk drives in a RAID is NOT a backup, and should never be considered that. It's a disaster recovery option, and is not easily accessed the way backups are.

Currently, your server is not configured to maintain any local backups. The backup system is technically 'enabled,' but all users are currently NOT configured to run. If you'd like, I can get that properly set up. It looks like you have enough disk space to retain a single daily backup.

You have Cloud backups (off server images) available from the last 3 days. Those can be used to restore a portion or the entire server if needed.

I am not certain what your specialist is getting at when he says, "With a manual backup you are always guaranteed to lose data." A manual backup grabs all of the same files and databases that an automated backup would.

Let me know if you'd like me to configured local backups (1 day retention) or if you have any other questions." CLOSED
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