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Default How safe is "Remove Data" Tool in 4.1.9?

Dear X-mates,

How safe is "Remove Data" Tool in 4.1.9?

================================================== ==========
Remove data

This tool allows you to empty your store of any content data with which it might have been populated for testing purposes. Clicking the button removes all the settings related to products, categories, manufacturers and shipping rates, as well as any data that has been formed based on these settings (for example, orders). The tool can help you bring your X-Cart installation to a state where the store will get rid of all unnecessary data, retaining the configuration settings defining how it should function.
I agree to remove all my products, categories, orders and all the data related to them.
================================================== ==========

The "I agree..." part (checkbox) sounds kind of scary since by clicking on it one agrees to remove ALL data from his store regardless of details and the text does not specify whether ALL TEST DATA or ALL DATA will be removed?

Please advise. Thank you.
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