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Default Re: Adding a Comma


(Sorry I NEVER received an email that you answered my question, it wasn't until today that I was looking at the forum and discovered your answer)

So, I tried replacing the old with yours... {{ format_number($this.getListPrice() * 1000) }}

but it does not seem to work...


Unexpected character "$" in "theme_tweaker/customer/modules/XC/ProductVariants/price_range.twig" at line 8.

Then I deleted the "$" and tried saving it agein, then I get this error...

Unknown "format_number" function in "theme_tweaker/customer/modules/XC/ProductVariants/price_range.twig" at line 8.

In case it makes a difference or you didn't notice, I'm using MultivenderXC5

X-Cart Multi-vendor
PHP version: 7.2.23

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