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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Originally Posted by voodoo1967
If FaceBook , Google and any other large corp want to do business in the EU - they will need to comply. The old argument of we are 'just a platform' will no longer exist.

Doing business "in" and doing business "with" are 2 different terms.

Not that I oppose either way but I think it is pretty obvious a business which ships good will need and have your name, address, phone, etc in order to run the order and you do know about it because you provided this info at time of checkout.

Not to defend the big corporations which totally use and abuse customer info (refer to recent FB findings) but I also think EU is going a little bit too far with this.

I really do not see it small businesses trying to comply with this. The most they will do is to have some page with info what they have, do, etc. with some data. In most cases these small businesses don't; even know what kind of data they have for customers.
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