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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

I dont think it quite works like that. Sure if you dont sell into the EU and you sell within the US, then I wouldnt pay much attention. The US patriot act is in direct opposition to GDPR.

The EU puts countries into 3 categories
1. EU countries - Spain, Germany, UK (for the time being)
2. EU countries they have trade deals with - like Canada
3. Every other country not in groups 1 or 2. Which is the US

For the UK - the trouble being post Brexit we maybe in group 3 - which makes it very difficult for the UK. The UK is bringing in it's own act of Parliament The DPB (Data Protection Bill) - which aims to be even stringer than GDPR - in the hope that if UK companies are DPB compliant then defacto they will be GDPR compliant.

It's meant to protect who can keep data on you, why they keep data on you. You need to prove you need that data and that your customers know about it. You also need to prove you have kept that data secure.

So no longer can large corps have a data breach and blame it on a technical error, or hold info without you knowing about it.

If FaceBook , Google and any other large corp want to do business in the EU - they will need to comply. The old argument of we are 'just a platform' will no longer exist.
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