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Thumbs up Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?


Hi Steve,

Excellent post - thank you.

Some of the reasons I have never considered XC5: -

1/ If you want to make one small change you have to create modules / decorate etc
2/ Next to no development documentation
3/ Over the years next to no forum support for XC5
4/ Performance issues
5/ Hit and miss upgrades
6/ Constant changes to how to own XC5 / pricing
7/ XC4 owners shunted to one side in favour of XC5 owners / subscribers

I had tried XC5 in the past and had issues. Asked here in the forums for help and did not even get an response from QT. I gave up and focused on dev for my sites on XC4.

I fully accept that QT / SL needs to generate cash as a business and that XC4 has limited opportunities. But to marginalise customers by limiting the past forum posts does not make users feel very valued.

Thanks again for a great post.

Kind regards

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