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Default How can I add html tags to certain fields like extra fields

How can I add html tags to certain fields like extra fields etc

the reason you cant is because xcart stores a list of trusted variables as a security measure. yuo can add to the list etc by doing the following...

First alter the database tables
The table you want to alter is xcart_extra_field_values.

Change it to text or varchar intead of char(255)

you can do this by running this sql command with phpmyadmin or via the patch update page in your admin
ALTER TABLE `xcart_extra_field_values` CHANGE `value` `value` TEXT

Then edit the provider/product_modify.php file and add the additional field name in the array: $trusted_post_variables

You'll find this at the top of the file, the field needs to trusted before X-Cart will allow HTML to be entered into the field.

Here is the full code snippet you need to add the field name to:
$trusted_post_variables = array("product_lng_descr","product_lng_full_descr", "product_new_descr","product_new_full_descr","descr", "fulldescr","posted_data","js_code","javascript_code");
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