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Question Re: 5.2.11 released: Order management and Import/Export, New modules...

Actually, the 5.2.12 breaks on upgrade too. It churns away forever on step 13, then spit out an error:

ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2)
Class 'XLite\LoggerAbstract' not found

It still churns away, even after spitting out the above error.

I tried using the restore link (current state) and it shows that the store is at 5.2.12, and that there are updates to install (32 of them, same as before). Clicking on Install Updates says that I'm up-to-date and there are no updates.

I re-deployed the store to clear the cache and now it does not show "32 updates" only "Updates", but going to the updates says there are no updates available (see image).

What is the best way to get back to where the store was, prior to attempting this broken upgrade?
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