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We love shipworks on our other shopping systems (interspire etc) however their new plugin shipworks3.php does not work at all with Xcart 4.6.0

It redirects to home.php every time you link to it - there is no XML output.

If we comment out the line $login=$username; then we get XML output but shipworks software will not connect just throws up a bad user/pass error

I suspect their module is designed for 4.5.x as 4.6.0 had many many changes with regards to authentication.

From their code:
$storedPassword = text_decrypt($user_data["password"]);

They try to decrypt the password and check it manually - Xcart 4.6.0 will just say f**k off.

We have contacted their tech support but not really got anywhere so far - i'll keep you posted.
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