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Default Re: v4 roadmap and upgrade to v5

Originally Posted by cflsystems
I don't really agree with this
Well that's good! We did say it was our opinion FWIW and that "Your experience might vary..."
Originally Posted by cflsystems
If you have stock (or almost stock) store it is ok to use the migration wizard. It has been improved lately and apart from few hiccups works very good now
Yep we still wouldn't, but it maybe as you say "the lesser evil" in this specific case.
Originally Posted by cflsystems
If you have customized store - getting the data transferred with custom scripts is the way to go. And it is possible. I have done it on few stores so far and there is no problem with this approach
We know YOU definitely could provide such scripts but we mentioned scripts (and tricks) because many people "think" they can simply write their own script (having never written one before) run it and boom! Job done. That's not reality unfortunately.
Originally Posted by cflsystems
Starting from scratch is acceptable if you are willing to lose all data you have in the store but usually this is not the case
There's no need to lose all data. You can (and we did) transfer i.e. copy, edit and upload XC4 product data to XC5. It's a slow process sure, but you're not losing any trading as your XC4 store is still live whilst this is going on.
Originally Posted by cflsystems
It does cost to do custom scripts but there is also the factor of pissed off customers who will go to your competition if you choose to start from scratch. Weight the risk vs cost in a long run. There is always a solution or should we call it "the lesser evil"...
If you don't do it correctly and have downtime, yes agreed, but that wasn't our experience to be fair. Our XC4 stored traded until day XX and then our XC5 store took over. A seamless change at 2:00am on day XX. From memory, we didn't have any "pissed off" customers go elsewhere because they had to create a fresh XC5 profile, but they could have just voted silently of course
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