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Default Re: X-Cart 4.5.5 released

12 hours later...

Took the whole thing back to 4.5.4. Made sure all files were stock. Re-upgraded, no files in question this time. But...locked out as admin again. Manually applied patch.sql line by line. Removed cache files. Removed cookies, removed cache. Sends me a link to restore my login, that sends me to the customer front end. Try to re-do the password, supposedly works but then locked out again.

Paid $139 for the "Hot Rush". There is a guy giving me advice bits and pieces, I feel like I'm in school, it seems they don't want to go in there and directly fix it. I'm back to square one - completely locked out as admin, my store is closed, and probably will lose $1k-$2k in sales because of this.

This experience sucks, there's something wrong here because I've been doing this for 10 years with x-cart and have never got stuck like I have this time.
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