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Default Re: DPM (PA/DSS Compliant)

Originally Posted by Aqua

Concerning the mod, when I look at your website, I see "Minimal installation. Simply apply an SQL patch and upload files!" and "This should work seamlessly if your cart is not modified or minimally modified." So how do you define "minimally modified"? What specifically should we be concerned with pre-install?

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I just changed the description some. It should more specifically say:
"This should work seamlessly if your checkout area is not modified or minimally modified. All source code is provided though if you need to make any modifications to suit your checkout area if it is customized."

So it's not really X-cart in general, just the checkout area. If your submit order button has not been changed, it should work seamlessly. Also the paymentID must be in the URL or in a post variable (which it would be by default unless your checkout area is modified.) We've only run into a few carts that we had to debug, but only because their submit button was changed for the checkout area or the paymentid was where it normally is in X-cart.

Let us know though if you have more questions!


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