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Default Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)

Thanks for this great MOD i have managed to use the code in all other places but i cant use in Rounded Boxes in product list page

I am using 4.3.1 and i cant find this code

<table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<td height="100" nowrap="nowrap">
<a href="product.php?productid={$products[product].productid}&amp;cat={$cat}&amp;page={$navigation_p age}">{include file="product_thumbnail.tpl" productid=$products[product].productid image_x=$products[product].tmbn_x|default:$config.Appearance.thumbnail_width image_y=$products[product].tmbn_y product=$products[product].product tmbn_url=$products[product].tmbn_url}</a>
{if $active_modules.Special_Offers ne "" and $products[product].have_offers}
{include file="modules/Special_Offers/customer/product_offer_thumb.tpl" product=$products[product]}

i have looked in customer/main/, customer/main/, customer/main/

Thanks for help
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