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Default X-Payments Connector - Response not valid. Check Logs

We are on X-Cart 4.6.3 with X-Payments 1.0.6.

Our xpayments connector seems to have stopped working. At the cart the customer sees this message instead of the usual credit card form fields.

Internal error (Response is not valid.<br />Check logs.)

This is the same message we get when we test the module in the X-Cart admin area. This is what the logs are saying:

[16-Oct-2014 13:28:46] xpay_connector message:
Response is not valid.
Response headers: ''
Request URI: /payment/payment_cc.php

I've updated the encryption keys with the X-Payments backend and redeployed. This did not change anything. I've searched the forums and found what sounded like similar issues but nothing has worked.

Anyone know what could cause blank response headers?
X-Cart Gold 4.6.3
X-Payments 1.0.6
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