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Default Upgrade made easy

The biggest fall down in upgrading is the time to set file permissions - this will make it easier.

change skin1/admin/main/patch_apply.tpl to:

{include file="location.tpl" last_location="Applying patch"} {capture name=dialog} {if $patch_type eq "upgrade" and $patch_phase ne "upgrade_final"} CHECKING PATCH EXECUTABLE... {$patch_exe.patch_exe} ... {if $patch_exe.status eq "OK"} [<font color="green">OK</font>] {else} [<font color="red">{$patch_exe.status}</font>] {/if} </P> CHECKING UPGRADE PATCH INTEGRITY... {section name=result_line loop=$integrity_result} {$integrity_result[result_line].filename} ... {if $integrity_result[result_line].status eq "OK"} [<font color="green">OK</font>] {else} [<font color="red">{$integrity_result[result_line].status}</font>] {/if} {/section} </P> {/if} {if $patch_type eq "text" or ($patch_type eq "upgrade" and $patch_phase ne "upgrade_final")} CHECKING WRITE PERMISSIONS... {section name=file loop=$all_files_to_patch} {$all_files_to_patch[file].filename} ... {if $all_files_to_patch[file].status eq "OK"} [<font color="green">OK</font>] {else} [<font color="red">{$all_files_to_patch[file].status}</font>] {/if} {/section} IMPORTANT: It is recommended to backup these files. {if !empty($files_to_patch)} <FONT color=red>BEFORE YOU CONTINUE PLEASE SET WRITE PERMISSIONS ON FOLLOWING FILES</FONT> Copy this contents below and paste (right-click)into ssh whilst you are within the xcart directory <textarea cols=60 rows=10> {section name=file loop=$files_to_patch} chmod 666 {$files_to_patch[file]} {/section} </textarea> {/if} {/if} {if $confirm_patch ne "" and $patch_phase ne "upgrade_final"} <FORM action="patch.php" method=POST> <INPUT type=hidden name=mode value={$}> Patch text: <TEXTAREA cols=60 rows=10>{$patch_text|escape:"htmlall"}</TEXTAREA> <INPUT type=hidden name=patch_filename value="{$patch_filename}"> <INPUT type=hidden name=reverse value="{$reverse}"> <INPUT type=hidden name=confirmed value=Y> <INPUT type=button value="<< Go back" onClick="history.go(-1)"> <INPUT type=submit value="Continue >>"> </FORM> {/if} {if !empty($files_to_patch)} Note: After applying a patch please set the original permissions on changed files. {elseif $ ne ""} APPLYING THE PATCH... {if $patch_phase eq "upgrade_final"} {section name=file loop=$patch_files} {$patch_files[file].orig_file} ... [{$patch_files[file].status}] {/section} PATCH RESULTS... {section name=line loop=$patch_result} {$patch_result[line]} {/section} PATCH LOG... {section name=line loop=$patch_log} {$patch_log[line]} {/section} {else} {section name=line loop=$patch_result} {$patch_result[line]} {/section} {/if} <FORM action="patch.php" method=get> <INPUT type=submit value="Finish >>"> </FORM> {/if} {/capture} {include file="dialog.tpl" title="Applying patch" content=$smarty.capture.dialog extra="width=100%"}

This will then produce a nice easy section in a text area to cut and paste into ssh or telnet or ftp manager to set all the file permissions in one go.
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