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Default New 4.6.1 Store and Hosted X-Payments 2 Problem

Thanks for any suggestions in advance, not sure what is going on here.

Trying to get X-Payments 2 working properly with a newly upgraded 4.6.1 Platinum Store. Using CIM and hosted version of X-Payments.

Issue is when testing checkout, customer is presented with a the following error after clicking Submit Order button.

"The payment processing system is temporary unavailable due to an internal error. "

Everything test fine with the X-Payments connector, Payment method is showing up and the form to enter credit card data is being displayed

Payments are even showing up in X-Payments but with a status of Transaction Failed. Order #'s are created but do not show up when doing a order search in Xcart admin, but I am able to select an older order and change the number in the URL to bring up the order that doesn't appear to be completed to the customer.

I have went back through the complete configuration 2 more times, creating new store encryption keys, check the xcart logs. Everything is right the best I can tell with
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