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Default Re: X-payments problem after server change

Originally Posted by joestern
We just received a message from x-cart that says:

"Multiple severe vulnerabilities ( have been discovered in all supported PHP branches.

Most of the hosting companies have already upgraded their servers to PHP7.3.9 and some of them are still in the process.

We can patch it up for you, but first we have to examine your store to figure out which way. Please contact us for the details."

How do we upgrade to PHP7.3.9 if x-payments is not compatible with php7.3?!

Actually, you do not have to upgrade to the latest PHP 7.3.x. Upgrading to latest PHP 7.2.x is acceptable solution, too.

PHP 7.2 versions prior to 7.2.22

means you can upgrade to PHP 7.2.22 to have fixes applied.
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