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It looks like Christmas has come early for some of you. I documented all the Б─°languageБ─² variables I changed, during my recent upgrade from 3.1.3a Pro to 3.2.0 Pro. (Here is the link to my review )

In the following lists, I have marked a few of them as "review create text" as I have not made up my mind, about what text to replace it with. The following lists should be checked in All "English Language" enabled versions.
  • txt_faq
  • txt_newsletter_message
  • txt_privacy_statement
  • txt_site_title
  • txt_thankyou_for_subscription
  • txt_welcome
  • eml_signature
  • eml_thankyou_for_order
All the above need to be personalised for your website, and don't forget to create your own "Terms & Conditions" for ordering and use of your website.

Most of these corrections also apply to v3.1.3a. Gold and Pro.

I recommended you check all of them for the same reasons shan gave in his post.
Originally Posted by Shan
Ill just add them here as i find them. some are spelling, some, grammer and some just things to make the whole thing a bit clearer and not leave the customer stranded on a page.

Here's my complete list. (If I have missed any please post)

TEXT (txt) ct = changed or corrected text
txt_anonymous_account_msg - ct
txt_contact_us_header - ct
txt_create_profile_msg - ct
txt_egoods_msg - ct
txt_faq - to create text.
txt_newbie_registeration_bottom - ct
txt_newsletter_message - ct
txt_ordered_placed_msg - ct
txt_password_recover_message2 - ct
txt_privacy_statement - to review/create text
txt_profile_created - ct
txt_register_have_account - ct
txt_registration_error - ct
txt_search_order - to review/create text
txt_site_title - ct
txt_thankyou_for_subscription - ct
txt_unsubscribe_msg - ct
txt_welcome - ct

EMAIL (eml) ct = changed or corrected text
eml_egoods_download_note - ct
eml_signature - ct
eml_thankyou_for_order - ct
eml_unsubscribe_admin_msg - ct

I hope you find this info useful.


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