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Originally Posted by Jerrad
Thanks alot soleaq - that works great!!
Not bad for a "newb"...

Any ideas yet how to deal with the IF statements?
I think it's very important that the tabs without content
don't show so that customers don't click on empty tabs.

Thanks again for sharing your code!

Thanks for the kind words! Thanks PhilJ for the original code!

Just a note, someone sent me a message asking how to turn the "persistence" on the tabs off.

In tabs.js, find the line below and change "true" to "false"

// persistence feature add-on ///////////////////////////////////////////// var enablepersistence=true //true to enable persistence, false to turn off (or simply remove this entire script block).

This will turn persistence off, so when your customer hits a new product page, the default tab you selected at the top of the tabs.js file will show.

I have it set so the "Overview" tab always shows first.
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