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Default Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template


Starting with some preliminary testing and installing of Redux. I am having an issue on mobile (actual mobile device, not just shrinking desktop screen to mobile size) where the main header menu doesn't function unless it is in "sticky" mode at the top of the page. In other words, on page load, if you don't scroll down, you can't access anything within the main header menu. If you just starting clicking around, eventually it will take you to the last product category in the menu (in your case Food & drink > groceries).

Issue is duplicated on your demo site.

X-Cart Gold Plus v4.7.12
- php 7.3
- reBOOT reDUX
- other goodies

X-Cart Gold v4.7.7
- reBOOT Template
- XPayments 3.0.2
- Abandoned Cart Reminder
- BCSE Reward Points
- BCSE Stock Notify
- XPDF Invoices
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