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Originally Posted by jvannghi
Hey Guys,

I'm just having xcart tech install X-payment to Xcart 4.7. I'm unsure how this new credit card deal works and Xcart tech said that I may be able to use Intuit Merchant services somehow or another.

Could someone help explain how this all works? I already have Intuit Merchant services so if that could somehow take the place of Xpayment, I'd rather do that if it works good.

Greatly appreciated!

Hi there!
X-Payments is PCI level 1 certified middleware that connects your cart to payment gateways & system where type of integration requires advanced PCI compliance from a merchant. It can also save credit card for recurring orders. See more at
It serves as an intermediary between X-Cart and the payment gateway, allowing your store to keep PCI compliant while accepting credit cards directly on the site using Intuit.

There is a lot more information about the software at
Also let me know if you have any questions you find uncovered there.

Alex Solovev,


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