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Originally Posted by memoto
....The Forum will continue to be a community-led support system. X-Cart is committed to monitoring and providing insight into universal topics while offering direction for more customized support where topics seem related to individual configurations.
Good that somebody from XC has posted something useful (posting anything is noticeable!) in this forum and that the forum layout has been re-hashed etc but part of the re-hash has been that any "tricky" items for XC, all "constructive criticism" items and generally speaking, anything that didn't suit Seller Labs / X-Cart's New Wold Order approach has been 100% deleted. That's true OTT US Style Political Correctness gone mad but never say never, to a Phoenix rising from the ashes and the forum being used again by all, like it used to be in the good old days...

The key question is....

WILL some / all of the key X-Cart Team Members actively participate now or, just conveniently ignore it completely - 'Elephant in the room" style like they used to do previously?
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