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Default Re: Altered cart tools problem

I dont think its the datepicker that controls that, it would be the date picker above it that i rarely use. The code for that box is:
<input type="checkbox" value="1" onclick="checkoutOne.selectAll(this);">

it says its in admin/checkout-one.php but i dont see it so that must be calling it from another file
require 'auth.php'; require $xcart_dir.'/include/security.php'; $page_page = 20; if (!$active_modules['Checkout_One']){ func_header_location('home.php'); } x_load('user'); if (file_exists($xcart_dir . '/include/common.php')){ include $xcart_dir . '/include/common.php'; } else { require $xcart_dir."/include/categories.php"; } require $xcart_dir.'/modules/Checkout_One/checkout_one_functions.php'; if (is_file($xcart_dir.'/modules/Buy_Together/buy_together_functions.php')){ require_once $xcart_dir.'/modules/Buy_Together/buy_together_functions.php'; } require $xcart_dir.'/modules/Checkout_One/Products.class.php'; $smarty->assign('categories', Products::load_categories(0)); require_once $xcart_dir."/modules/Checkout_One/JSON.php"; $json = new CO_Services_JSON(); $_ret = array(); x_load('cart');
4.7.x xcart store
Business 5.4xx
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