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Default Re: New module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master


Thank you very much for the feedback on this module.

It's true that this module is not aimed to the experienced and tech-savvy X-Cart users. They can do backups on their own and it's not hard if you know how to do it (we can say the same about almost everything). Moreover, backups can be done through the hosting control panel (cPanel, Plesk and so on). It's not that convenient though since you back the entire account up, not only X-Cart store. It might take some time to create such a backup and restore it then. Furthermore, sometimes you don't need to restore all the account and just need X-Cart files to get your store back online as soon as possible.

The module is aimed to that part of X-Cart community who doesn't know how to create backups at all, they don't have time to learn and just don't want to learn and it's their right.

What can be simpler than creating a backup with only 1 button from admin area? I guess nothing.

Yes, you might be not that tech savvy to restore the backup, but you can contact us and we can help you. At least you'll have a backup copy your X-Cart store can be recovered from.

Believe it or not, but numerous of time our customers came to us saying that their store is messed (server went down, developer messed files, upgrade went wrong and so on) and they don't have a backup. None. At all. Their hosting didn't do backups and they didn't know how to do it on their own.
Nightmare scenario. You have to start everything from a scratch.

With this module X-Cart client can do a one-button-click backup before updating an inventory or upgrading the store and be safe.

The module is just released and hasn't been announced yet (apart from this forum thread), but it's already been sold several times. Our customers likes an idea of creating a backup with one button directly from admin area.

We do really appreciate all your suggestions and will definitely take them into consideration while working on Pro version.

Thank you.
Alexander Dyachkov,
Director of Customer Success

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