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Default Re: Default Product Values

Originally Posted by superdave144
Ok I added the new module and enabled it. The Main.php is configured in /classes/XLite/Module/JRG/Quantity directory. I created the new product.php file in the /classes/XLite/Module/JRG/Quantity/Model/ directory. I redeployed the store after the module was created as well. The default quantity is still showing 1000. Do I need a reference from the Main.php to the product.php file?

You don't need a reference.
But did you enable your custom module on the Modules page in the back end?
Also, did you replace "DEV_ID" with "JRG", and "MODULE_ID" with "Quantity" in the module's source code?
You may also check if there is product.php file in the var/run/classes/XLite/Module/JRG/Quantity/Model/ directory and whether it is not empty.
Alex Solovev,


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