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Default Re: I want to remove java script detecting function of x-cart

Originally Posted by anandat
can I remove the detecting Web Browser's capabilities for javscript of x-cart ?

I guess now a days every browser accepts javascript & mostly no one keep it disable unless one has got special requirement to do so.

Google bots also support javascript & improving every day.

So it's advisable remove that function ?

As google many time crawl url like & some times

Can one please help me ?

I do not still see a compelling reason to remove the js detector. Because you and I and some friends we know keep js enabled, it does not mean the people who count - your customers will always have them enabled when they come to your shop. So, may I recommend leaving it alone.

If you are worried about Duplicate contents with the crawl sample you gave us, then update your Robots.txt bot messaging file to have two lines similar to these:

Disallow: /*js=y
Disallow: /*js=n

Hope this helps.
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