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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

The problem is that in order to continue to exist, a company must grow economically every year.

Having to grow economically leads to making market choices.

Their market choice, was the SaaS model (like many other companies had done).

The SaaS model allows a constant flow of money and is now the path that many are taking.

Although not psychologically pleasing, it is perfectly understandable in order to provide a product that needs constant improvements and updates.

But only if this pricing model didn't raise the costs by 10X.
The problem we're discussing is all there.

I don't think they launched a dice and found the new pricing randomly, this is a precise choice.

For me this move is not only a way to change their sales model, but also to completely change their customer base, eliminating the "little shops".

The sooner we deal with it, the sooner we can find an alternative product.
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