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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Originally Posted by karina
Please make sure that you've specified 'Coupon will be valid within N hours' value on the popup settings page (you can find it at the bottom of settings page). This value must be at least 1 (hour) to generate coupon value.

Coupon code will be shown right in the popup after clicking 'Like' button. It looks like this:

The coupon will be generated for all customers who clicks 'Like', even if they are not registered customers.

I've reproduced this issue, thank you for informing me. It will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for your reply. I've managed to fix both issue 10 seconds before you replied this thread...

I've changed all the price_format to number_format to fix the 10.00% issue, and it works perfect!

The wording of 'Coupon will be valid within N hours' is really confusing... it really should state as 'Coupon will be expire in N hours (Value should be >= 1)'.... It took me hours to figure this out...

Anyway, problem solved. Overall, it's a great add-on. Thank you!
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