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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Originally Posted by icaros
1. The coupon code cannot be generated. I can't see any generated coupon code in coupons admin area. Customers complains not receiving coupon codes. Was it displayed on the screen after LIKE? or email customer who liked my Facebook page? How does it send email if customer is not registered?

Please make sure that you've specified 'Coupon will be valid within N hours' value on the popup settings page (you can find it at the bottom of settings page). This value must be at least 1 (hour) to generate coupon value.

Coupon code will be shown right in the popup after clicking 'Like' button. It looks like this:

The coupon will be generated for all customers who clicks 'Like', even if they are not registered customers.

Originally Posted by icaros
2. The % off I specified is 10%, however it is displayed as 10.00%. I tried to delete the decimal but won't work.

I've reproduced this issue, thank you for informing me. It will be fixed in the next update.
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