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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Originally Posted by dejital
I'm having issues with the install of this plugin. I literally just spent the $90 to get it and then I installed it and nothing worked (even after following the instructions word for word) the module does nothing on the front end of my site. At first the link that is supposed to be under the content dropdown wasn't there, there wasn't even a way to manage the new module. After some help from support I managed to manually put it in, one of the patches from the script didn't apply itself.

Now, even though I can manage the plugin on the admin end, my cart does not popup anything at all, no matter how I play with it. When I reached out to support they literally told me I have to pay to get it fixed by them.
I'm on version 4.4.5
I'm not a happy customer.

I found I had the same problem.. What I did was I had used the uninstall sql patch and in phpadmin applied it.. Then I reapplied the 2 sql patches again in phpadmin.

Rechecked all the files that needed to be modified. Made sure to clear all my caches and it worked again.
4.6.1 Gold Plus
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