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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Originally Posted by kevinrm
There is one minor flaw with this mod I would like other potential purchasers to be aware of. One nice feature of the mod is that it will generate a discount coupon for a Facebook "like." The problem is, the mod ignores a product's "Apply Global Discounts" setting. So if you have a product which you do not offer discounts for, this mod will ignore that setting and offer the discount anyway. I have several high ticket items which I do not want to offer discounts for yet had one customer did a Facebook "like" and receive 5% discount on said item.

I put in a support ticket for this. There in no way to make this ignore non-discounted products. In order to do so would involve paying for customized service. I'm not willing to pay for that because it's an X-Cart mod which is ignoring an X-Cart setting - it should work and I shouldn't have to have any customization done, let alone pay for it. So I'll work around that somehow. Just so you are aware.

Kevin, let me please explain how the module generate discounts.

X-Cart allows to provide discounts to your customers with two different solutions: Global Discounts and Discount Coupons.

The module Pop-up Anywhere generates discount coupon (default X-Cart module 'Discount Coupons'), not global discount. 'Apply global discount' setting from product modify page and discount coupon are unrelated.

Generated discount coupons are applicable to all products in cart. By default X-Cart does not allow to exclude certain products from applying coupon discount. It is required to add 'Apply discount coupon' checkbox to product modify page to add coupon exclusion for certain products. By the way this idea is in the ideas list: . You can vote for it.

As the possible solution: it may be better to offer absolute discount (for example $3.00) for Facebook Like. In this case the discount will not be big for expensive items.
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