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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

There is one minor flaw with this mod I would like other potential purchasers to be aware of. One nice feature of the mod is that it will generate a discount coupon for a Facebook "like." The problem is, the mod ignores a product's "Apply Global Discounts" setting. So if you have a product which you do not offer discounts for, this mod will ignore that setting and offer the discount anyway. I have several high ticket items which I do not want to offer discounts for yet had one customer did a Facebook "like" and receive 5% discount on said item.

I put in a support ticket for this. There in no way to make this ignore non-discounted products. In order to do so would involve paying for customized service. I'm not willing to pay for that because it's an X-Cart mod which is ignoring an X-Cart setting - it should work and I shouldn't have to have any customization done, let alone pay for it. So I'll work around that somehow. Just so you are aware.
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