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Default Re: X-Payments transfer to other server with upgraded store

  • Quote:
    You should to upgrade to at least 1.0.6 and the new connectors work with X-Payments 1.x, too.
    Is the upgrade to 1.0.6 required for correct functionality of the X-Payments Connector in the 4.6.4 upgraded store, or can it work with 1.0.4 version?
  • Does this upgrade need a payed licence? I don't seem to find 1.0.6 version in my File Area.
  • Some recent orders have a 'Failed' status, with the following logs:

    Payment gateway log:
    ("Order Details" page):
    --- Advanced info ---
    Reason: Internal error (Response is not valid.<br />Check logs.)
    CVV info: not set /

    X-Cart store log:
    [03-Nov-2014 13:28:57] (shop: 03-Nov-2014 14:28:57) PAYMENTS message:
    Payment processing failure.
    Login: username
    Payment method: Credit Card (Pay on next page) (X-Payments: Authorize.Net AIM)
    bill_output = Array
    [cvvmes] => not set /
    [code] => 2
    [billmes] => Internal error (Response is not valid.<br />Check logs.)
    original_bill_output = Array
    [cvvmes] => not set /
    [code] => 2
    [billmes] => Internal error (Response is not valid.<br />Check logs.)
    Request URI: /shop/payment/payment_cc.php
  • Do the above mean that a CVV code was not input by the customer during checkout, or is it an internal x-payments error which needs fix?
  • in case it needs a fix, would the upgrade to 1.0.6 most probably fix it?
  • Also, when I attempted to re-deploy the configuration bundle, I got a popup warning:
Warning: Test transaction failed. Please check the X-Payment Connector settings and try again. If all options is ok review your X-Payments settings and make sure you have properly defined shopping cart properties
. The database has been transferred from the old server to the new server (as described in the previous posts), with the same online store details. The store domain is the same, just different server and store upgrade. Should I re-add the store to X-Payments?
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