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Default Re: Can't Find Templates to Update X-Payments Pages

Hi Joss,

Thanks so much for your reply. REgarding this issue:

"As far as I can understand, you mean the "The payment is complete. Returning to the store..." text. It's displayed by X-Payments, you can change its appearance via CSS file corresponding to the template (in the same way as the credit card form). And the same way for the "Payment is being processed. Please wait..." block which is displayed on the top of the page right after the credit card is submitted and the page is faded out."

I was able to change the appearance, but where do I change the words? On my site it says, "Transaction is complete. Returning to store." It does NOT say "Payment is being processed. Please wait..."

I would prefer that it say, ""Payment is being processed. Please wait..." because this message appears whether the transaction is successful or not, so if someone enters a wrong cc#, I do not want it to say, "Transaction is complete."


X-Cart ver. 4.0.19 GOLD
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