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With XC the lack of documentation is something we just have to live with. The way I see it:

1. Get a good EDI or whatever you feel comfortable with to edit files. Simple text editor or even one that can highlight code formatting is not going to work good for something like this.
2. You may want to untar the XC installation pack locally so you can open the whole directory in the editor for reference.
3. Use Symfony documentation.
4. Use Doctrine documentation.
5. Use Vue.js documentation.
6. Use XC code to learn how something is built - this is your best friend. You don't have to follow the XC code in your module but it will give you an idea of what's there and how to use it with the platform.

The ISE should help you with finding functions, properties, methods, etc within the different classes and inheritance.

What's there right now for documentation is more of an examples of simple features and/or modifications rather than real documentation.

XC is a huge platform with thousands of files. I don't really see them writing good documentation ever considering the core changes so often. As said by QT some time ago - they will try to have major release once per year. By the time they finish documenting something it may already change with next major release...
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