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Default Re: X-Cart and Skipjack

I have used Skipjack for 10 years and have two Xcart stores with Xpayments. I think there is a glitch or glitches in the Skipjack/Xcart integration module. I have had problems with delivery of download keys, for example, in the past. Now that my stores are both v5.5 and I'm using Xpayments, I have a new problem. Customers are getting "your order is declined" emails 30 days after placing a successful order. Xcart tech support says:

The 'Pre-authorized' orders are expired after one month and are switched to 'Declined' status. Because of it your customers receive the e-mail notification after one month since the order had been placed.

In order to resolve this problem please contact your payment gateway support team and ask them why the funds are authorized only and not captured in your account.

Please let us know payment gateway support team response."

Yet, the funds are captured, so the problem is not with Skipjack, it's with the Xpayments integration. Orders are set to "authorize and capture" but are not being recognized as captured. I need help with this, but have not got it yet.
X-Cart Gold V4.7.4 (two stores). XPayments 2.1.2
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