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Well kind of Yippee.

It shows okay on cart.php pages but on any other pages eg home.php, pages.php etc it disappears again.

Here is my home.tpl .

{* $Id: home.tpl,v 2005/06/28 12:02:38 svowl Exp $ *} {if $printable ne ''} {include file="customer/home_printable.tpl"} {else} {config_load file="$skin_config"} <HTML><HEAD><TITLE> {if $config.SEO.page_title_format eq "A"} {section name=position loop=$location} {$location[position].0|escape} {if not %position.last%} :: {/if} {/section} {else}{section name=position loop=$location step=-1} {$location[position].0|escape} {if not %position.last%} :: {/if}{/section} {/if}</TITLE> { include file="meta.tpl" } <LINK rel="stylesheet" href="{$SkinDir}/{#CSSFile#}"> </HEAD> <BODY leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" rightmargin="0" bottomargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"{if $body_onload ne ''} onload="{$body_onload}"{/if}><a name="top"></a> { include file="rectangle_top.tpl" } { include file="head.tpl" } {if $active_modules.SnS_connector} {include file="modules/SnS_connector/header.tpl"} {/if} <TABLE border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center"> <TR valign=top> <TD width="43" class="sidebglhs"></TD> <TD width="145" class=sidebg valign="top"> {if $categories ne "" and ($active_modules.Fancy_Categories ne "" or $config.General.root_categories eq "Y" or $subcategories ne "")} { include file="customer/categories.tpl" } {/if} {if $active_modules.Manufacturers ne "" and $config.Modules.manufacturers_menu eq "Y"} { include file="modules/Manufacturers/menu_manufacturers.tpl" } {/if} {include file="about.tpl"} {*<a href=giftcert.php>[img]{$ImagesDir}/gift_cert.gif[/img]</a>*} {include file="help.tpl" } {if $userinfo.membership eq "Premium"} display this{/if} [img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</TD> <TD width="20"></TD> <TD valign="top"> {include file="printable.tpl"} {if $main eq "catalog" and $current_category.category eq ""}{else}{include file="location.tpl"}{/if} {include file="dialog_message.tpl"} {if $active_modules.Special_Offers ne ""} {include file="modules/Special_Offers/customer/new_offers_message.tpl"} {/if} {include file="customer/home_main.tpl"} { include file="minormenu.tpl" } </TD> <TD width="20"></td> <TD width="6" class=menubgrhs></td> <TD width="150" valign="top" class=menubgrhs> {if $active_modules.SnS_connector} {include file="modules/SnS_connector/button.tpl"} {/if} {if $active_modules.Feature_Comparison ne "" && $comparison_products ne ''} { include file="modules/Feature_Comparison/product_list.tpl" } {/if} {if $active_modules.Users_online ne "" and $users_online} { include file="modules/Users_online/menu_users_online.tpl" } {/if} {if $login eq "" } { include file="auth.tpl" } {else} { include file="authbox.tpl" } {/if} {if $active_modules.Bestsellers ne "" and $config.Modules.bestsellers_menu eq "Y"} { include file="modules/Bestsellers/menu_bestsellers.tpl" } {/if} { include file="news.tpl" } {if $active_modules.Interneka ne ""} { include file="modules/Interneka/menu_interneka.tpl" } {/if} { include file="poweredby.tpl" } [img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img] </TD> <TD width="6" class=menubgrhs></TD> </TR> </TABLE> { include file="rectangle_bottom.tpl" } </BODY> </HTML> {/if}


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