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Default Re: X-Cart and 5.2.18 Released to Ensure Stable Upgrade to 5.3 for Live Stores

Originally Posted by kevinrm
XC 5.2.18 is also already released as merchant wave
No it's not a simple cache issue. Our dev store(s) is set at developer, so the message came and it upgraded easily to 5.2.18 as we said, apart from the tinymce module glitch that we posted about before. Our live store is set at merchant, is currently on 5.2.17 and has no upgrades available at present. Sometimes the merchant waves themselves are released in waves (!) so we're guessing it's just that
Originally Posted by kevinrm
Our custom CSS survived all the upgrades
Yeah it should do really as that's the XC plan. Great to read that this bit works properly even though we don't use it. Modules are a different subject as they can be unique to each end-user, so as you posted before "results may vary"

We will run the upgrade on our dev store but it will be early next week before we do.
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