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Question X-Payments makes status FAILED instead of DECLINED

I am having a problem with X-Payments making the order status as FAILED instead of DECLINED when a customer's credit card is declined (lack of funds). I have XCART set to make the status DECLINED, not FAILED when a credit card is declined, but no luck.

Anyone know if I have to set something in X-Payments too? When customers see it says FAILED, this means there was a technical glitch on the website, not that their credit card was declined.

BTW- I also have orders that were marked FAILED when it truly glitches (such as the the price doesn't match the price in the shopping cart error.)

I have XCART Version 4.5.1 and X-Payments Version 1.0.6.

I plan to upgrade XCART to Version 4.5.5 in the next week.

Any help would be appreciated.
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