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Default Re: X-Payments transfer to other server with upgraded store

Ok, I have moved the x-payments code and database to it's separate hosting account, in the new server, with it's own SSL and trying to connect it with the upgraded x-cart store.

In the IP addresses for X-Payments callbacks (optional) of the 'X-Payments Connector' page I have already set the IP address of the new server. Also, I have updated the 'config.ini.php' file with the new database name, database user and database password (the database is the same as the one in the old server).

There are 3 issues:
1) I cannot login in the migrated x-payments back-end (https://<new x-payments hosting domain>/xpayments/admin.php), getting the usual page:
Internal error The requested action cannot be performed. See logs for detail
The log error is:
ERROR [2014-28-10 06:30:49] User: unknown; IP: Zone: Core Code: DATABASE_UNABLE_TO_CONNECT ( 238 ) Unable to connect to the database. Affected systems: Core/Database.php file (143:assert); Core/Base/Singleton.php file (138:__construct); Core/RequirementsChecker.php file (108:getInstance); Application.php file (136:check); /home/<user>/public_html/xpayments/admin.php file (26:run)
2) In the X-Payments Connector page of the upgraded store I get the message:

Failed to meet environment requirements

X-Payments Connector callback script https://<new store IP address>/shop/payment/cc_xpc.php is not reachable by X-Payments (check X-Cart logs for details). Your checkout will not work untill you make it accessible by X-Payments. See Troubleshooting for more information. Once you've fixed this issue click here to perform check again.

3) In the 'Payment methods' tab of the migrated X-Payments Connector page, in the text:
Configuring of the payment methods presented possible in the X-Payments backoffice only. In case of any problems you need to review the X-Payments Connector module settings and if it's ok, review payment configurations settings on the X-Payments side.
, the X-Payments backoffice link points to the x-payments old domain, instead of pointing to the new domain.

I guess, all these 3 issues are caused by the same culprit.

Have I missed some setting (for example, would I need to enter in the payment gateway account settings that is linked with x-payments and change the server path there?).
Do I need to do anything additional? I haven't upgraded x-payments, it is the original version (1.0.4) and trying to make it work with the upgraded store in the new server (as I have described in my previous posts).

Appreciate any help.
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